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eWritegigs Essay listens to what the clients want.Our formula for success is simple. We listen. After we get an order, we immediately send out an email to our clients to find out more about what they need to be done on their paper. By following this formula we have been able to meet the client’s expectations. Below are the kind words from our client who are pleased with our service:

eWritegigs.com Customer Reviews:

Here is Zareh Biglarian from 3718 Foothill Blvd La Crescenta, CA 91214-1740, with contact number 818-330-7799 and 818-8027799. After getting her English paper, Zareh says:

"Great work sir. I will definitely come back to get your services again."

Zareh Biglarian, Glendale University

Meet Aria who is a busy working student. He works as a salesperson at local Swatch store in California. He also maintains a second job which makes him very busy everyday. At night, he is weary and tired that he does not have enough time to concentrate on his essay. So, he went to our company and asked for our help writing his essay on global warming and its harmful effects. When we finished his essay, he gave us this feedback even if we did not ask for it.

"Many thanks to all you guys! You have all been very nice to me. You answered all my questions and assured me that I will get my essay on time. I was very busy with both of my jobs that I had no choice but to get writers do this essay for me. I am very glad I made that decision. I will order another essay soon!”

Aria, 2012

Allen is one of our most recent clients. When he placed an order, he told that he was helping his son do some research for his paper. He was impressed with one of the papers posted on our blog so he contacted us and asked for our help. When we submitted his son’s research paper on mass imprisonment, he only had very kind words to say to us.He said:

"I was helping my son do some research for his paper and it pulled up a paper that you group had done I guess it was a sample and it led me to your website. I knew my son was in trouble on this extra credit paper and I thought what the heck. Paper seems very good to me did find a couple of words that looks like they may have auto corrected but he made those simple changes and we are golden! I’m sure we will be a good customer in the future college has been a struggle for him but he is finally seeing the importance of early preparation. Your papers being original is huge!"

Allen R., 2012

Meet Annabel who is studying at the University of Puerto Rico. She recently placed an order for Statement of Purpose Essay. She wanted to study abroad and she asked us to prepare a Statement of Purpose Essay so she can apply for scholarship. She wanted us to emphasize that her goal is to conduct future research about Spanish gypsy culture which is her interest.

When we were finished with her Statement of Purpose, this is what we received from her:

"Thank You so much I’m so glad I find you. This essay is perfect and beautiful and I’m sure it will help me to get that scholarship. Thank You I really appreciate your help, from now on if there’s an essay that I need I’ll count with you. Blessings!"

Annabele R., 2012

Valerie contacted us last January asking for a paper on social networking. She was hesitant at first saying that it was her first time to order. She was various questions like how many writers we have, where they are, and how we can assure her that the paper to be delivered is excellent quality. Her instruction is to "write an essay persuading the readers that using a social networking what has a positive or negative effect on relationship.”

We assured her that everything will be fine since social networking is a very good topic and a very easy one. When we were finished with the paper, below is what she said:

"This is great! Good job. I was worried that the paper might be crappy since it was only a 24 hours turn around time. I was ready to edit your work myself. I was surprised to the work was almost paper and the sentences were all clear and easy to understood. Keep it up you guys!”

Valerie J., 2012

Mateo contacted us last December 2011. He asked if we can help him write a paper about autism for him. It was not just an ordinary paper about autism that speaks about the signs of children with autism. He wants the paper to be very heartfelt. He wanted us to focus on the difficulties a part of a child with autism experiences especially when they are in a public place and the child starts to feel uneasy. We told him not to worry since our writers can deliver a paper that will meet his expectations. He was very happy with the paper we delivered.

"Very heartfelt!I see now what you mean by understanding rather than targeting.Thank you very much for really plugging in and doing a fantastic job.Words cannot express the gratitude.In the future I will refer people to your business.Thank You.”

Mateo U., 2011

Ashley J contacted us in May 2011. She found us through her friend who was also pleased with our service. She asked if we can do a paper on Product and Technology Management. She had specific instructions for her paper and she wanted us to respond to all these questions by giving theBEST possible answer. We told her she does not have to worry about anything. We never heard from her again after she placed around 10 to 15 orders from May to October. So we contacted her if she has comments on our work. This is what we got from her.

"I have earned my BBA degree. Thanks for all of your help.”

Ashly J., 2011

Honey was taking Speech 105 class (Communicating and Critical Thinking). When she placed an order her specific instruction was "What I want you to write really simple about every thing that I learned from these stuff what do they teach me , short paragraphs of three books , some lines for every movies and mention some stuffs of my book in this essay , I want really easy to read really simple word and really simple grammar.” We followed her instructions carefully. Last December, she sent us this sweet message.

” Hi! I would like to tell you thank you for helping me this semester , I got A for my class and I am really happy for it. Thanks a lot.”

Honey S., 2011

Eli Shahin Shahravan, from UCLA, with contact number 3109517246, shared his thoughts about our services.

"Many thanks for delivering my English paper on time. I know it was not easy because the professor is a bit picky. This is my third paper from you and I could not be happier."

Eli Shahravan, 2016

Lyn contacted us through our customer support in 2008. She needed help because she had just undergone an operation on her shoulder. She is trying to rest but she has several papers due for her class. She asked us if we can deliver on time. We asked about these papers. She first placed an order on Contemporary Technology Assessment. This was followed by an essay about Critical Application paper and an essay on coral reefs. This is what we got when the semester was over.

"I just wanted to give thanks to you guys for helping me through my last two classes. I really had a lot on my plate with having shoulder surgery on my dominate hand. Needless to say all three essays received the highest points available. I referred a couple of my co-workers/classmates in an effort to take a burden off of them. We have a very stressfull and high demanding job plus we are all over the typical college years. I truely appreciate this company for being in business and trust me if I EVER decide to go back I will be a returning customer. Keep up the GREAT work.”

Lyndasha D., 2008

Denise M called our company sometime in July 2011. She was all stressed out with her two jobs and her children. She needed help. So we asked her how we can help her. She initially placed an order for two papers. This is what we got from her at end of the semester.

"Thank you so much and I am so grateful for the help! It was worth every penny! I work two jobs and have three teenagers and one is special needs. I am ready to graduate next month with one class left. I was out of gas and needed the push! Thank you”

Denise M., 2011

A full time working student who had to take care of her sick mother. She was running out of time on her paper which forced her to place her first order with us.

"actually to be honest I work full time and I go to school full time..I messed up one of my important exams for this class because I was bz taking care of my mom. (cuz she is sick) and I didnt get a good grade on my exam so I’ve decided to do the extra credit, which is this essay.

I love the work that u guys are doing. Im really happy and satisfied with ur service and work. u guys are the best. Student life savers. ;)”

Rebecca T., 2012


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