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Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing and patronizing ewritegigs.com. Our mission is to help all high school, college and university students, and students taking their MBA to gain access to professionally written and high quality essay writing services, research paper writing services and term paper writing services. In every order, we strive to deliver you the best paper writing services to help you gain unparalleled success.

In exchange for the standard charge for our services, we will deliver to you a paper that is original, well referenced and prepared according to your instruction in the Order Form. We always strive to deliver to you the highest quality of service possible. This includes the assignment of your papers to a professional writer, submission of an original work that is well referenced and delivered on time.

You acknowledge that all the essays, research papers, term papers and other products and services that we deliver shall only be used as reference for your research and as guide for new ideas and thoughts in writing your own paper. You agree that the papers you received will not be submitted as completed works. Should you use the papers for any purpose other than as your reference you are deemed to have violated the terms and conditions of our client service agreement for which you shall hold ewritegigs.com harmless and not liable for any consequences.

In availing of our paper writing services, you acknowledge that you have read and fully understood the terms and conditions of our client service agreement. You are also aware that our company does not make any guarantees on the grades that you will receive from your professor who will be the sole judge of the papers you will submit in class.

Partial Refund

While ewritegigs.com provides discounts and low rates to its customers, requests for partial refund shall be the sole discretion of the company which may or may not refuse your request. Partial refunds shall be granted on case to case basis and at the discretion of ewritegigs.com.

Partial Refund shall be allowed in the remote event that ewritegigs.com failed to deliver the paper on time. Subject to the condition that all materials have been submitted and that all queries have been answered by the client, partial refund shall be allowed when we fail to deliver your paper on the agreed date and time.

However, partial refund shall not be allowed when it is due to the fault of the customer such as when he failed to complete his instruction at the time the order is placed or when the customer failed to deliver the materials which he promised to deliver on time.

Delivery Policy

In line with our commitment to unparalleled excellence and quality, we guarantee that we will deliver your papers on or before the date you specified in your order through the email address/es that you provided in the Order Form. All final papers are referenced according to your instruction which could be APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian or Chicago.

It is hereby agreed that you have given us accurate contact information such as cellphone number of email address that will allow us to reach you should there be any queries regarding your paper.

Free Revision Policy

In our desire to ensure customer satisfaction, eWritegigs.com allows customers to ask for revision on the papers they receive. We allow free revisions, if necessary, on all your papers until you are satisfied with the papers you have received.

The client hereby agrees that the request for revision should not be different from the original order. In order for the client to avail of free revision, the request for revision should not fall outside the original instruction provided by the client in the Order Form. We advise all our clients to be clear and precise in giving their instructions. Should the instruction you gave in the Order Form be vague and the order is completed based on the vague or unclear instruction, we have no obligation to grant your request for revision. The request for revision will thereafter be treated as editing which shall be charged at a reasonable rate.

The client also agrees that the request for revision shall not go beyond the 30-day period from the time paper was delivered to the client.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property to all papers submitted to the client is owned by the company. It is hereby agreed that the customer who placed his order shall have the exclusive and sole permission and right to use the paper for a period of 1 year. After the said period, the ownership is retained with the company and the customer’s right to use is deemed to have lapsed.

Resource Materials

You hereby acknowledge that there are some orders where the sources are limited and not readily available to the general public. It is thereby your responsibility to provide us with the necessary materials so the writer can prepare your order in accordance with your instruction. In case of your failure to provide us with the materials we can deny your request for revision on your order if we fail to meet your requirements specified in your order form.

Confidentiality and Security

We are aware of the countless number of cases involving identity fraud and credit card fraud. In view of the number of cases involving unauthorized purchases with the use of credit cards it is our policy not to ask for your credit card information.

In order to assure the highest quality of service to our clients, we have entrusted the handling of your payment to Paypal.com which is still the most secure and reliable online payment solutions for businesses. We have allowed Paypal to handle all credit card information upon your purchase. For your protection and benefit, we suggest that you do not entrust your credit card information to any company unless you have been assured that the company is a reliable company like Paypal.

eWritegigs.com delivers high quality essays and research papers but only for the primary purpose of serving as guide to students to assist them write their own papers. The essays and research papers should be used only for reference. Further, the services we provide are meant to assist the students by providing them guideline and the essays and research papers provided are intended to be used for research or study purposes only.