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World Architecture

0 February 12 2018, 14:01 in Descriptive Essays

World Architecture

1) The Role of History in the Work of Piranesi and Leroy

The role of history in the work of Piranesi and Leroy helped them reshape their perceptions and artistic interests. Certainly, any work of art underwent influences and inspirations from different places and eras of the world and from the various regions in the ancient Greece and Rome. The density of art and the complexity of the artistic process of arts change the way the landscape of architecture and other forms of arts in order to define a true talent. The great idea of Piranesi about the 18th-century history revealed his understanding in terms of the progressively archaic Humanist belief based on the rooted Ancient arts and culture, which differed from Leroy who advocated that architecture followed the development of the society towards modern inventions (Kantor-Kazovsky 151). As Piranesi portrayed his artistic influence from the most nascent imprints of architectural fancies to the whimsical renewals of prehistoric relics, Leroy and his work advocated arts to be the overriding suggestions.

2) The Nature of Character Theory in the 18th Century

The nature of character theory suggests differences in opinions and views. In the unassuming understanding of national character, Helvetius defines the moral and the mental qualities of artists who defined the characters of the countries according to their qualities and depravities (Kra 4).Based on the character theory, any person could improve the multifaceted organizations by promoting and encouraging national characters to appear in with the component of national awareness. Since every country has peculiar characters, mores, moral qualities affected by the cultural and religious traditions. One important idea to learn about the nature of character theory is that some factors such as the climate and the government could explain the differences between imagination and intelligence in terms of arts and artistic creations.

3) Perrault’s and Blondel’s argument of the difference between Ancient or Modern Architecture

The discussions of Perrault and Blondel in terms of architecture proceeded to the ideas of "ancients” and "moderns.” In architecture, Perrault and Blondel conveyed important views of architecture as both took the architectural thought gyrated around the theory of Vitruvian qualities of insistence, article of trade, and pleasure in the depiction of artistic impressions found in the work of the ancient artists as illustrated by the shrines and temples of the Greeks and Romans (Tatarkiewicz). The reflections of the modern arttoday resembled from the ancient archives to differentiate the past and the present architectural ingenuity.

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