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0 April 18 2018, 08:28 in Business Essays

I am applying to your Post-Baccalaureate Program in the School of Dentistry. I am currently studying Chemistry with concentration in Biochemistry at University of California and is expecting to graduate this June 2018. Moreover, I have been studying on my own to be able to take and pass the Dental School Admission Test. I am trying to make more time for school and decided to catch on with my studies this year, do better, and focus on a future I have always wanted.

I came from a financially challenged family, and have always been juggling with studies and working at the same time; I have to both pay for my school loans at the same time provide help for my family. Moreover, I had a very difficult two years since I transferred from a community college back home to my current university; learning the language and the culture to adapt and learn better. Aside from working, due to financial challenges I have to live far from campus which means longer commuting hours. My family lives with another family since my mother is working for them and we only have to pay a little for the rent however it caused me problems with my studying since I need to find a quieter place, usually staying in the campus up to late might. All of these causing me stress and the reasons I am loosing track of my studies and goals. But this time I want to make things better since I have always wanted to be a professional with specific interest in dentistry and/or oral and maxillofacial surgery.

In participating in this Post-Baccalaureate Program, I expect to have better access on resources which I do not have the chance to have during my undergraduate studies, or even all my life since I just came from a community college before. Moreover, I expect that this could help me take upper division classes, and show that I am actually capable of doing well or better, provided that I have access to quality resources and given proper and enough practice or exposure as well as hands-on experience in the field. Furthermore, I expect it could help me be able to catch up on my studies and be able to have better or higher GPA. Most importantly, I expect all of this to help me be accepted to a Doctor of Dental Surgery Program someday.

I specifically would like to have assistance in improving my knowledge about dentistry – all the basics and the most important ones. Hence, I am willing to take more classes if necessary especially the most relevant ones. I also would like to be able to have the chance to work with real dentists either by shadowing or having hands-on experiences, and be able to have a real "feel” of the field through a dental school setting of study. Moreover, I would also like to be able to participate in research activities – know more about how research is done in the field of dentistry.

I work in a dental office as a receptionist but I wanted to do more, I wanted to be a doctor and be able to treat severe conditions and disorders. I have always been fascinated with maxillofacial surgery, and really hope to finish studying in a dental school someday and apply for a residency. I want to provide such kind of medical service for I have always known how hard it is without such provided. I want to provide a service I know I am capable of doing by working hard on my goals.

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