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0 July 01 2018, 14:23 in Business Essays

Sport Visualization

1.According to Orlick, why are short-term goals so essential for achieving performance goals?

Short-term goals are important for accomplishing performance goals. These short-term goals contain some ongoing improvement tasks and specific targets. Once people accomplish these short-term goals, they can make people feel compete and competent. In other words, short-term goals can inspire people to pursue the next goals. Additionally, short-term goals are vital to establishing because they help uphold obligation and build self-confidence to finish the allocated responsibilities (176). In other words, short-term goals help people master certain methods, techniques, and skills, concentrate on the implementation and exhibition of such techniques, and finally accomplish them to succeed in the tasks.

2.What is a dream goal that you have, and what is a realistic goal that you can accomplish this year to help you get closer to your dream goal? (Please take a few sentences to explain your dream and realistic goals)

A dream goal is a specific set of goals that I want to achieve. For example, I want to be a famous person in the field of business or any corporate industries for that matter. In this case, I have to practice join training and seminars and set such tutorial routines as my priority. Because I want to be legendary in the business, I keep on learning, practicing business strategies, and rehearsing new ideas to promote my professional career in order to achieve my dream goal. For me, a dream goal is different from a realistic goal because the former may not happen to be a famous business person even if I study too hard to accomplish it. On the other hand, I can set a realistic goal for me. I can set schedules of tutorial studies, join a business program to teach me, and engage in entrepreneurial activities so that I can have a hands-on management of my future business. Eventually, if no adverse circumstances occur, I can graduate and continue to make a name in the corporate world.

3.How did Ironman Triathlete, Chris McCormack apply Orlick's ideas about commitment to his own training and performance?

Chris McCormack won the world championships and the game sports. He applied Orlick’s ideas about commitment to his own training and performances by setting priorities and schedules to continue performing and practicing new techniques to win the competition. He narrated that he had lists of all things to accomplish and work hard for them to win the World Cup series and championships (199). Of course, Chris McCormack confirmed Orlick’s ideas and techniques that commitment to the things to do and perseverance and won the game sports. He kept motivated every single day by checking his diary and list to perform his routines without hassles. His dream goals to win Chicago, Wildflower, Alcatraz, Hawaiian Ironman, and many others turned into realities when made them realities. Chris McCormack easily had discipline and perseverance to move beyond schedules and his deep commitment to sports and games brought him to his dream goal.

4.In his book, Orlick focuses a lot on positive focus, positive choices, and positive performance. Answer the questions on page 308. What are some positive choices that you could make to improve your own performance?

Some positive choices that I could make to improve your own performance are to focus on the valuable things I do, to prepare, to master the arts of perfection. For example, I love sports and studies, which make me motivate myself to persevere and perform the actions. Positive actions and choices are decisions to make. Once I fulfill these positive actions, I can definitely follow the best pathways in life. I can only achieve positive ways of life if I learn to move forward, to push boundaries, and to choose to do and to perform good things in life. For me, I can be whoever I want to be if I learn to focus on the positive side of life, positive choices to study hard while playing sports, and engage in good sports to escape from vices and personal forces that can ruin my life. When Orlick says that people can also focus on positivity, he literally means that people like me have the options to do the same by finding the right path towards happiness and success (308). Hence, Orlick endorses these things to help people realize the importance of thinking positive.

5.According to the reading (chapter 22), what are some of the things that you can do to learn to follow your own best path?

For me, I need to understand the power of self-control, self-discipline, and self-direction. These things help me learn to follow the best paths in life. I believe that life going to my personal dream goals can be a little bumpy and that such power of self-control, self-discipline, and self-direction can facilitate my personal views and career goals to accomplish. One important skill to master is self-discipline. Once I have this skill, I can teach myself direct and guide me to succeed in life. Moreover, the pursuit of happiness has always been challenging. Orlick can validates that notion since he learns the hard way to succeed in life. Like Orlick, Chris McCormack, and those people who succeeded in finding happiness, I can also follow the best path in life once I master the ideas of having positive vibes. People, like me, have the opportunities to do the same by working too hard and by discovering the right pathway towards self-contentment, self-discipline, and achievement. From this time, Orlick praises these things to help people realize the truth and the significance of discerning optimistic and constructive ways of life.


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