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Response to Mouthwash Laboratory Test

0 July 10 2018, 13:02 in Article Writing Services

Response to Mouthwash Laboratory Test

In this mouth wash lab test, there are two types of products used, Crest, which is non-alcoholic, and Listerine, which is alcoholic. Oral swabs from the mouth were placed in two sides of a petri dish, which is divided into alcoholic (left part) and non-alcoholic (right part). Although we hypothesized at the beginning of this experiment that a mouthwash with alcohol content can kill more bacteria than those non-alcohol products. However, the results of this experiment revealed otherwise.

There are several factors that might explain the difference between the results of the two mouthwashes. First is that bacteria growth in the agar are anaerobic and facultative. This means that non-alcoholic mouthwash could provide more efficient antibacterial properties in an anaerobic and facultative environment. Second, the properties of mouthwash are directly affected by the number of days they are exposed to bacteria. And in this experiment, the alcoholic content of Listerine loses its antibacterial properties faster than the non-alcoholic Crest. Crest is able to maintain its antimicrobial properties for days as evidenced by the fewer bacterial colonies in the petri dish.

After 5 days of incubating bacteria at room temperature, the results showed great difference in the amount of bacteria cultivated in the petri dish. In this experiment, the non-alcoholic mouthwash Crest is considered most effective as evidenced by the least amount of bacteria present in the non-alcoholic side of the petri dish. In contrast, the least effective mouthwash is Listerine because of the presence of bacteria in the alcoholic side of the petri dish. From these results, we can say that the one that killed bacteria the best is Crest.

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