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Research Paper on Teenage Pregnancy

0 September 02 2014, 13:03 in Teenage Pregnancy Essays

Research Paper on Teenage Pregnancy

Weiss stated that in 2009, there was an estimate of 1 million teen pregnancies in the United States alone and 85% of such pregnancies are unplanned. In today’s generation, one of the issues that draw much attention is teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is defined as pregnancy by a female at the age range of 13 to 19 years old (teenage years). Presumptions associated with teenage pregnancy include that the mother to be has not yet finished schooling, is unmarried, and is still financially dependent on her parents. Basing on the unpreparedness of a teenager to be pregnant and provide a stable future for a child, teenage pregnancy should highly be discouraged.

During adolescence, there is rapid growth and development of the body. Such is the reason why teenagers need to consume a high calorie diet to supply their bodies with the energy needed for their body’s growth and development as well as energy to fuel their activities. When pregnancy comes into the picture, some would say that the youth and healthy genes of the teenager is good for pregnancy but then the unprepared body of the teen will have to adapt to make room for the baby which could then lead to medical issues. According to Monahan (2011) in the write-up disadvantages of teenage pregnancy, in comparison to non-teen mothers, teenage mothers have higher rates of medical conditions such as anemia and high blood pressure or preeclampsia. Monahan (2011) further added that teen moms also have higher rates of premature birth and low birth weight of babies. Biologically, the teenager’s body on its own is not yet fully and properly equipped to handle a healthy pregnancy.

Having a pregnancy or getting pregnant is a big mile stone for a woman, it is something one prepares herself for, not only physically but also psychologically. Unfortunately, among teenage pregnancies, most of it are unplanned or unwanted. After finding out that they’re pregnant, most teenage mothers would undergo a period of denial and shame. Their absorption in such an unhealthy mental state would cause them to delay seeking prenatal care which could result into more problems not just for the mother but for the baby as well, a point which Weiss (2009) targeted as the biggest risk for teen mothers. Some would be fearful to reveal their pregnancy to their family or community because of the possible disappointment it will cause or stigma it will create. Teenagers are still in the process of maturing to become adults and still have much to learn in life. There have been points raised that teenage pregnancy has the advantage of forcing the teenager to mature and hence become more responsible but maturity takes time and doesn’t happen instantly. Their coping mechanism is still limited which is why a number of teenage mothers would even resort to abortion as a means of solving their problem. In fact, according to a 2008 statistic, out of around 40,000 teenage pregnancies more than 20,000 were terminated (Doughty, 2009).

Having a pregnancy, giving birth and raising a child is not an easy task. It not only requires physical and psychological preparedness but financial stability as well. In the case of teenage mothers, others argue that the support of the family, especially the parents where they become dependent on at such time of crisis, is a sufficient form of stability. Although support of the teenager’s family can be reassuring, it is not for the long haul and not all families can properly support the teenager in all her financial needs. As an individual, not many are fortunate enough to be already financially stable during their adolescent years, since in such age bracket, many are still going to school. For such reason, the possibility of losing one’s opportunity in finishing school is not far off among teenagers who get pregnant. Moreover, statistics showed that an estimated 70% of pregnant teens drop out of school and that only half of those who drop out are able to get jobs (Monahan, 2011). With incomplete education, landing a job becomes harder for teenage moms and would add to the instability and stress of taking care of a child.

Teenage pregnancy comes with many disadvantages. Biologically, the body of the teenage mom is not fully developed for pregnancy placing the teenage mother at risk in developing medical conditions. Psychologically, the teenage mother is not yet fully mature to take in and cope with the whole experience of pregnancy, child-bearing and rearing. Socioeconomically, the teenage mother is not yet financially stable to raise a child. She is at risk of not being able to complete her schooling which would in turn lower her chances of landing a good job to support her child. Preparation is key for having a healthy pregnancy and a stable means of raising a child. Since teenagers are not yet prepared for the big responsibility of pregnancy, it should highly be discouraged among them.

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