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My Internship Experience

0 November 18 2017, 12:04 in Business Essays

For so many people, internship is a window to the real professional world. It is a period where professional competence is being developed, character is tested, and various skills are being honed to prepare the interns more when they are formally launched in their respective careers as soon as they graduate.

My internship experience at a local CPA company was indeed a valuable learning process, a chance that I am deeply thankful to have been given despite several challenges that came along with this privileged opportunity. At the beginning, I was one of those Accounting students who came by to report one morning at the company to attend its orientation for interns. There were about eight (8) of us, from various academic institutions, wearing crisp white long sleeves and black skirt or pants and black shoes. We were called by the HR staff and were given instructions on the proper dress code, work load, office rules and regulations, and the duration of the internship which is about three (3) months. Fueled by my desire to show professionalism, I arrived 30 minutes early and was able to chat with the other early bird interns. I was eager to know the other interns and where they came from, and I appreciated their friendly gestures and small talks before our orientation began. The HR manager gathered us in a small room and explained the whole process of internship for almost half a day. It was exhausting, but very informative. My eyes wandered throughout the office, and the few employees, all wearing black and white like us, and felt like I could be one of them as soon as I finish my course and get a job as a real Accountant. The orientation day ended with much excitement for me, and for the other eight interns, for what is in store for us in the coming three full months.

We were told to report eight (8) hours a day for three days in a week. I was assigned to help in the bookkeeping, preparation of tax returns, and payroll processing. I thought that my job would be easy, since I will only be following instructions from the employee who will monitor me. The other interns were also given jobs that require other office staff to oversee us all one by one. So, we only had a chance to meet during lunch break and after office hours. On my first week assisting my supervisor who is a senior employee in the firm, everything went smoothly. I was able to deliver everything to her, and she seemed satisfied with my work performance. She even bought me a coffee one time, when I finished my tasks ahead of her deadline. My supervisor seems like a nice lady, although she is oftentimes having a hard time organizing her tasks because of her family obligations at home. And so, there were times that she was giving me more tasks because she couldn’t finish all of them by herself. I resented this thing my mind, but later on, I tried to understand her situation more and thought that it would be better to help her, since I am only under a three-month program with the company and I will also be leaving her soon.

A month has passed by, and I have gotten used to the system of the company. I have become friends with my supervisor, and we were able to talk to each other about our personal lives. The other interns also have become my regular lunch mates and we regularly share about our tasks and daily experiences working with the firm. Like me, my intern friends also had it all smooth in the beginning but gradually, we also became exposed to the problems of the company and its staff. We learned that the President of the company is not perfect as a boss and a leader, and sometimes his policies would elicit negative responses from his staff. Nevertheless, he took very god care of the compensation of the employees, which is a positive thing that prevents his staff from leaving the company.

Through my daily encounter with the staff, I have learned how to do what my supervisor is doing without her help. I could prepare the payroll myself, have them audited and signed by the officers and bring them to the Cash Office. Bookkeeping was also a task that became very easy for me, but the preparation of tax returns had me quite confused since it was a bit of a challenge to prepare.

Overall, I learned that the internship program is not simply a way to develop the technical skills taught in the schools. More than that, I have learned to appreciate hard work and discipline because even if there are times that I found some days boring, I still had to report to the office because it was required for us. I gained friends and developed more my social skills by interacting and dealing with people who were not my same personality and age bracket, and learning how to disagree with them in a respectful way, and eventually, developing in me the habit of professional conduct and dressing up. And perhaps more importantly, my internship has opened my awareness of the things that I must improve in myself in order to become a successful professional later on. I know that the road ahead may be even more tricky and challenging but right now, I sincerely treasure the golden opportunity attached to my internship experience - overcoming obstacles, professionalism and excellence, and most of all, developing friendships at the earliest stage in my career.

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