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0 November 20 2017, 09:47 in Business Essays

What role does leadership play in shaping ethical behavior in a community?

. Leadership has a significant role in shaping ethical behaviors in a community because they serve as role models to other members in the community. They can lead ethically by designing the environment in which others work and live, communicating the importance of ethical standards, as well as holding the members in the community accountable to these standards (Treviño, Mayer, & Epley (Eds.), n.d.). This was evident in the movie, Saving Private Ryan when Captain Miller has admitted and acknowledged that he has made mistakes.

What are some kinds of leaders?

There are many different kinds of leaders in different situations. Some of these kinds of leaders are charismatic, innovative, commanding and controlling, laissez-faire, pace setter, servant, situational, and transformational leaders (Blankae, 2013).

What role does history play in choosing leaders?

History may have a role in choosing leaders in a community or organization when the past experiences have influenced the decision-making process in selecting the future leaders. It is highly possible that the organization or community may be selecting their future leaders by using the successful qualities and characteristics of past leaders as their guide.

What kind of businesses need highly specialized employees and leadership?

Businesses that need highly specialized employees are those that rely on craftsmanship and highly-skilled workers. A business may need a highly specialized leadership when it involves using a leadership style related to the nature of the business, such as being a servant leader in a service-oriented business like in the airline industry to show the importance of service (Blankae, 2013).


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