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Interpersonal Conflict

0 December 07 2016, 04:27 in Philosophy Essays

Interpersonal Conflict

The interpersonal conflict that I witnessed and will be using here is one that happened between my father and uncle. The subject of their conflict was the direction that the family business was going to take. There was a lot of arguing and frustrating each other’s plans that happened. To help in understanding what happened, we will make use of four concepts.

1.Bases of Power: From this concept I am able to understand that my uncle made use of legitimate power, because he was older than my father and had a slightly larger stake in the business. As such, he had the power to make my father feel obligated to follow him.

2.Strategic choices we make when exercising power: My uncle and father both had physical confrontations, mostly shoving, but most of the time, they tried very hard to persuade each other. One might add that they were trying their best to balance out the situation they were facing.

3.Fundamental Attribution Error: the concept was fully demonstrated in the conflict, because every time we talked to one or the other, they would not fully take the blame. For example, my father believed that it was my uncle’s headstrong personality that was the cause of the conflict, when in reality he too was aggressive.

4.Emotional Intelligence: Eventually, my uncle and my father were able to fix their issues and end their conflict. It was at this time that I was able to prove that my uncle had more emotional intelligence than my father who made the arguments long winded because he was putting too much emotion in his decision making. My uncle was able to understand this and work towards a solution that did not make my father respond too much.

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