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Internship Experience

0 November 15 2017, 08:56 in Business Essays

Internship Experience

I would like to share my experience is all about my experience as an intern of a small local CPA company. I was assigned to perform some bookkeeping and preparation of income tax returns, and processing of payrolls as my assignments. The local firm currently has five employees only whom I interact on a daily basis. In my whole experience of internship so far, I would say that based on the different stages of development during the internship period, namely: Anticipation, Exploration, Competence, and Culmination, I am probably on the stage of Exploration. Let me explain further.

At the beginning of my internship, I underwent various emotions which are mostly positive – anxiety with excitement, exhilaration, and hope for an experience that is worthwhile. Based on the book, the Anticipation stage chiefly involves "getting off to a good start, having positive expectations, and focusing on critical tasks such as clarifying purpose, formation of key professional and personal relationships, making informed commitments, having clear assumptions, and acknowledging concerns.” I have experienced all of these as I eagerly anticipate to meet the people that I am supposed to work with, my supervisor and how to make a great impression, and also to realize the scope of my work as an accountant-help. After this brief stage, I felt that I have transitioned to the Exploration stage.

The Exploration stage characterize a "heightened learning curve, building up on progress, looking for new opportunities, adjustment of expectations, adequacy of skills and knowledge, and having real or anticipated problems”. The key tasks in the Exploration stage means "increased capabilities of the intern as he/she approaches assessment and evaluation of progress, building supervisory relationships, and encountering challenges.” My own personal Exploration stage is a mixed emotions of positive and negative ones. It has been a great experience working with the firm and I was happy to share my little knowledge about accounting. I am also happy that I can contribute to the goals of the company and work with their professional staff. However, one thing that can be considered a downside of my internship is on how to deal with problems that the company face affecting its staff that are also affecting me, which influence the way I interact with one staff and the other staff as well. I could say that my experience after a few weeks attest to the heightened learning curve as I got to learn to be comfortable to the office rules and no-no’s, but I also acquired deeper knowledge of the internal problems and as an intern, it is very hard to deal with them as it affects my relationship with the employees who have various opinions and attitudes about the office problems.

The Exploration stage also says this means heightened relationship with the supervisor, but I guess it also depends. In general, if the supervisor is open to listen to the employees or interns, then it will be easy to have a good relationship. However, it is very hard to conduct internship if the supervisor or manager simply wants the employees or interns to obey without asking their opinion or never consults them. Some managers doesn’t have an objective approach on solving the problems because their minds are not open to the feelings of the staff towards the office guidelines and the rules. In my case, while everyone in the firm has professional knowledge and follows the rules, the personality of each one does not really fit in, which makes the work hard and difficult. One employee may accept additional workload while another person would pass the job to the intern to lighten the workload. This creates animosity and indifference from the other employee who never rely on the intern to do their job, thus relationship is affected.

However, since I am still considered an external part of the company, I am not fully involved in the little politics that the employees have. I am still thankful that my supervisor is extra nice to me to shield me from those things and generous enough to provide mentorship to me on the actual duties and functions of an accountant. It is really helpful to me and so far, I am still feeling positive about my internship. Somehow, I am still glad that despite my personal challenges and the real office problems in the firm, I can say that all these things lead me to develop Competence and achieve empowerment and professionalism and hopefully, success in my future work as a full-time professional accountant later on.

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