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Essay on the Morality of Divorce

0 September 11 2014, 18:23 in Divorce Essays

Essay on the Morality of Divorce

Married couples nowadays who feel like that they can no longer continue with their intimate relationship with one another turn to divorce. The drastic effects of divorce to the marriage couples, to their family and their social circle pose a lot of questions as to whether it is morally acceptable or not.

The impact of a divorce offers is a spectrum of sorts: from encouraging to detrimental. Whatever difficulties parties may feel in the course of the divorce, one thing is certain: the weight of the consequences is placed to the shoulders of those who are involved. While it can be prevented, it cannot be retracted once done. Some might be healed through time and will, but there might be incidents when one could just take enough. What happens when so much has been said and done and there is no way to take them back? Could divorce be the only option when undergoing this could give rise to a number of morally unsafe decisions?

Some of the minor dilemmas divorced couples are faced with include standard of living: where they would live, how they would live, or perhaps how rich or poor they would be after their marriage had been dissolved. Legally speaking, properties that are bound by law before, during, and after a marriage could only be settled in its severance. Divorce rates in the United States in the late 1990s have suggested that women carry the more devastating effects of divorce economically. Men, on the other hand, experience a rise in their way of life.

In contrast, the most scrutinizing troubles involve whether they would find another lifelong partner in the future or whether "till death do us part” is such a bad idea after all, whether they are happy after they had gotten their divorce, or how their children would take it, if they have any. The investigation of such complications inferred that women get over a divorce far better than men primarily due to the support network they tend to obtain during the course of the separation.

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