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Essay on Benefits of Smoking

0 September 13 2014, 07:42 in Smoking Essays
In school students are taught about the dangers of smoking. Students are indoctrinated about the dangers of nicotine addiction and that smokers can acquire lung cancer or die from any other lung diseases. Students are also taught to stay away from cigarette smoking. Needless to say, cigarette smoking…

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Essay on Smoking and its Side Effects

0 September 12 2014, 19:55 in Smoking Essays
Smoking can be both a blessing and a curse. There are many effects that smoking can lead to and some may prove beneficial to some and for some a big problem. One of the contributing factors in the economy of the United States is the tobacco industry. For years cigarette companies have been generating…

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Informative Essay on Second Hand Smoking

0 September 12 2014, 19:49 in Smoking Essays
Just because you do not smoke those hot cigarette butts does not necessarily mean that you are safe from the harmful effects of it. Your dad sips some sticks at a time, your friends puff out some imported cigars, you walk along the road and pass through people of different sizes, sipping and puffing…

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Informative Essay on Nicotine Addiction

0 September 12 2014, 13:26 in Smoking Essays
There is a general perception that smoking is a matter of personal choice and habit. This means that smokers get into the habit of smoking because they choose to do so and that they enjoy smoking. This also means that smoking is something that they have been accustomed to doing. However, if this is…

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Persuasive Essay on Mothers Smoking During Pregnancy Should be subjected to Criminal Liability

0 September 12 2014, 13:25 in Smoking Essays
Pregnant women are expected to take extra care of their health during the period of their pregnancy. They are expected to eat the right kind of food and sleep well. They are also expected to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. All these precautions are done based on the premise that eating the…

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Essay on Harmful Effects of Smoking during Pregnancy

0 September 12 2014, 13:23 in Smoking Essays
Pregnancy puts a woman's health at risk because of the many hormonal and physical changes that happens in her body. On the other hand, smoking puts a person at risk for severe medical and surgical conditions. Now, smoking during pregnancy – how many risks does that entail? And at the top of that,…

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Essay on Harmful Effects of Smoking

0 September 12 2014, 13:21 in Smoking Essays
So you enjoy those little puffs; the ring of white smoke that comes out when you exhale through pursed lips, the great floating sensation each time you make a sip and, most of all, the acceptance of your rock and roll peers. Yes, all these sounds amazing – making you feel a part of that society you…

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Persuasive Essay on Smoking Ban Inside Cars

0 September 07 2014, 18:27 in Smoking Essays
The United States government has started its crackdown against smoking in public places. It would seem that the government may also issue a policy against smoking inside cars.

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Essay on the Benefits of Quitting Smoking

0 September 03 2014, 19:18 in Smoking Essays
The harmful effects of smoking are already well publicized. Countless of studies have already been made detailing the adverse effects of smoking on a person's health. The federal government is also taking effort to continuously educate the public about the dangers of smoking by requiring the tobacco…

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