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The Electoral-Professional Party System as the Ideal Option for the Newly Formed Country

0 May 03 2018, 14:44 in Political Science Essays
The purpose of the paper is to explore the viable political party framework in the establishment of a new country and examine the necessary procedures to support the party system. Arguably, a newly formed democratic government can take advantage of an electoral-professional party due to its flexibility,…

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Getting Election in 2020

0 June 06 2017, 13:19 in Political Science Essays
A good day to you, my staff! First, I would like to commend you for the tremendous effort that you all have been exerting in this campaign. This is just the beginning of our journey but I can already see that you will be with me until the end (and even way beyond that). As you may all know, we have…

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Essay on the Three Branches of Government

0 September 09 2014, 08:43 in Political Science Essays
The Preamble to the United Constitution is the introductory portion of the constitution. It has no other function other than that it establishes the fundamental principles upon which the constitution is based. It does not recognize any right. In fact, it was never used as a basis for the recognition…

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Essay on the Reasons why the USA Patriot Act should be Upheld

0 September 09 2014, 08:41 in Political Science Essays
Despite the challenges to the USA Patriot Act and the fears of possible abuse that may be committed under its authority, there are several facts that should be taken into consideration. The law was passed with an overwhelming support from the lawmakers. It was approved by a vote of 357 members of the…

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Essay on the USA Patriot Act

0 September 09 2014, 08:40 in Political Science Essays
The Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorist Act of 2001 (USA Patriot Act) was passed in response to the September 11, 2001 attack in American soil. The Department of Justice initially prepared the draft which was adopted by the United…

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Essay on Political Scandal

0 September 08 2014, 14:44 in Political Science Essays
Dorman Bridgman Eaton once said that public office is a public trust. He highlighted the high expectations of the public to the individuals who are in public office. As representatives of the people they are supposed to act only to promote the ends of the public and not their own interest.

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Essay on Separation of Church and State: Why Both Institutions should respect each other's Principle

0 September 08 2014, 13:47 in Political Science Essays
The separation of church and state has been a perennial issue due to unavoidable conflict between the principles being observed by these two important institutions. Since the law provides and clearly establishes the separation, then the church and state shall not encroach with the affairs of the other.…

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Essay on The Separation of Powers

0 September 08 2014, 10:18 in Political Science Essays
The United States Constitution has divided the main powers of the government and assigned these powers to three main branches. As a result, the Legislative Branch makes and enacts the law. The Executive Branch implements the law. The Judiciary interprets and decides any questions the law. The idea is…

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Essay on Muslim Woman : The Veil vs. Capitalism

0 September 06 2014, 09:53 in Political Science Essays
For the Western audience, wearing ahijabis an allusion to a woman's endowments: her hair and the shape of her body inherently breed evil. Such endowments must be covered to prevent men from succumbing to temptation which may distract them from their religious duties. Many in the West also believe…

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