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Essay on Social Media Marketing

0 September 08 2014, 09:38 in Marketing Essays
Social media refers to the online publishing and communication tools and sites such as blogging, microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking and content sharing that are rooted in conversations, engagement and participation. With the growth and development of the Internet and the changes in…

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Essay on the Goals of Social Media Marketing

0 September 08 2014, 09:35 in Marketing Essays
The Internet Technology has benefited consumers in the sense that information has become easily available for them. If a buyer wants to purchase a product, he can easily search for the product reviews about the same product in Google or Yahoo. If a buyer wants to know more information about the product…

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Essay on Data Driven Marketing

0 September 05 2014, 22:06 in Marketing Essays
As companies today crosses the threshold of cutthroat arena, effective marketing strategies that materialize to a wider client base is essential. While people see marketing as a discipline that requires a lot of creativity, as manifested in promotions and brand communication strategies, the nitty-gritty…

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Essay one the Role of Promotion in Marketing

0 September 03 2014, 18:59 in Marketing Essays
Hilton Hotels caters mainly caters to leisure travelers and is identified with upscale clientele that frequents its hotels the world over (Hilton Hotels and Resorts, 2010). It would not just offer rooms but also restaurants and other entertainment oriented offerings. Motel 6 is a national chain of budget…

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Essay on the Role of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Decisions

0 September 03 2014, 18:57 in Marketing Essays
The main problem of most companies is that they have been around for a long time and they still uses the old methods in recruiting and branding. Preferring to recruit the way most old companies do, which is to wait for prospective employees to apply for openings and just use print advertisements to…

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Essay on impact of Marketing in Creating or Satisfying Consumer Needs

0 September 03 2014, 09:55 in Marketing Essays
Basically, marketing involves a wide range of activities in order to meet the needs and wants of the consumers and at the same time, get the appropriate profit. Today, there is variety of products in the market and most of the time the consumers find it hard to distinguish if those products are part…

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Essay on the Effects of Advertising on Young Consumers' Behavior

0 September 03 2014, 09:53 in Marketing Essays
With the existence of high technology gadgets, people are able to experience using more advanced modes of communication. Moreover, globalization has brought people to another era that influences them to change in terms of culture and beliefs. Today, the people live in the world that depends on communication…

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