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The Importance of Economic History to Contemporary Students

0 December 07 2016, 06:32 in Economic Essays
The academic and famous reviewer George Santayana once cautioned, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." It is for this reason that those who want to succeed in their current endeavors have to strictly consider the past so that they will not repeat the mistakes that…

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Essay on Five Principles in Investing

0 September 06 2014, 11:23 in Economic Essays
Every one of us would like to have own asset portfolio. Many of us found the convenience of placing portion of our money in banks to earn interest. Some choose to buy various real estate properties and wait for its value to appreciate. There are people who buy antiques and other collectible crafts and…

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Essay on Game Theory

0 September 05 2014, 22:11 in Economic Essays
With the advent of revolutionizing academic disciplines is the development of one of the most interesting economic theories that have been applied to various fields and everyday decisions–game theory. In its least technical sense, game theory provides a practical way of predicting how people will…

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Essay on Price Discrimination

0 September 05 2014, 22:08 in Economic Essays
Business organizations have various strategies in order to maximize profit. One of these profit mechanisms is price discrimination–a pricing strategy in which monopolistic firms sell the same product or service to customers in different prices (King, Gans, Stonecash & Mankiw, 2011).

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