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Essay on Reasons why Students in College use Drugs

0 September 09 2014, 21:51 in Drug Addiction Essays
Illegal drug is an issue in almost all university and college campus in the United States. The students who were caught in the University of Columbia is just the tip of the iceberg in this problem. Students in different universities and college know that drugs are available inside the campus. In fact,…

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Essay on Columbia University Students Caught in Drug Dealing

0 September 09 2014, 21:49 in Drug Addiction Essays
The issue of drug dealing inside campus has been brought into the open very recently with the arrests of five students in the Columbia University. One of the students who were arrested was the 20-year old Harrison David (Robert Kolker, 2010, p.1). He usually goes to school using his skateboard just…

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Essay on Drug Dealing Inside Campus

0 September 09 2014, 21:47 in Drug Addiction Essays
Illegal drugs have long been a problem on the streets, bars, and clubs. Police officers have been monitoring these places and conducting surveillance operations to prevent the buying and selling of drugs in these places. Everybody knows that drug dealing do take place in these places. For everything…

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Essay on Drug Abuse in College

0 September 09 2014, 20:57 in Drug Addiction Essays
Are the students safe inside the campus? Can the school administrators guarantee the safety of their students while they are within the campus? Is the school university drug free? The issue of drugs inside the campus and the safety of the students against the use of drugs are issues that can be covered…

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Essay on Medical Marijuana

0 September 09 2014, 20:54 in Drug Addiction Essays
The use of marijuana or Cannabis sativa has been stirring debate over the years. In the United States, fourteen states including California had already legalized the use of medical marijuana. People living on these states can now freely purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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Essay on War on Drugs Policy

0 September 09 2014, 09:24 in Drug Addiction Essays
In the past, the government adopted a "war on drugs" policy. The policy pertains to the government effort to control the use of drugs and to punish drug offenders. Some of the laws passed in accordance with this policy were the mandatory minimum sentencing laws which forced judges to hand out…

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Essay on Brain Abnormalities as the Cause of Drug Addiction

0 September 07 2014, 18:25 in Drug Addiction Essays
There is almost unanimity among researchers in saying that the environment plays an important role in the person's criminal behavior. This means that bad neighborhood, lack of access to education, membership in gangs and poverty are the primary reasons for criminal behavior.

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Essay on the Counterfeit Drugs Problem

0 September 07 2014, 14:19 in Drug Addiction Essays
Recently, it was reported that a fake version of Avastin, a drug famous for cancer medication, has been circulating in the United States. The discovery is very alarming considering that it was previously believed that counterfeit drugs are available only in third-world countries where regulation is…

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Essay on Reasons Why Counterfeit Drugs is a Problem in Developing Countries

0 September 07 2014, 14:03 in Drug Addiction Essays
The problem of counterfeit drugs is a part of the ongoing global bottle on substandard pharmaceutical products. However, counterfeit drugs pose a larger problem as their identity or source is often intentionally mislabeled. Its definition varies from country to country but the World Health Organization…

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Essay on the Dangers of Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana

0 September 06 2014, 11:35 in Drug Addiction Essays
The dangers of driving while intoxicated are already well document. However, there is scant attention being given to the effect of marijuana on drivers. Is driving while under the influence of marijuana less dangerous compared to driving while under the influence of alcohol? A recent survey conducted…

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