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Benjamin Franklin: PBS movie Analysis

0 April 17 2018, 10:54 in History Essays
Based on the video, when Benjamin Franklin came to France, people saw him as a representation of America being native geniuses because his intellect impressed them. In addition, he embodied the simplicity and elegance of a natural man which is evident from the way he carried himself. They mentioned…

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Race and Ethnicity Paper

0 March 14 2018, 13:15 in History Essays
The people in the United States belong to one country and are called Americans or American citizens. The Americans are expected to live harmoniously as one nation and people. However, there are "borders of belonging" that separate them from one another. These "borders" hinder them in…

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Impact of Civil Rights Movement

0 December 13 2017, 18:42 in History Essays
The Civil Rights Movement that took place during the 1950s and 1960s helped African Americans gain equal rights. This movement in particular ended the discrimination laws and legalized racial segregation in the United States (Anderson 78). Beyond this, however, the Civil Rights Movement also inspired…

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Examination of Late Gothic Art in Terms of Fashion: The Virgin of Paris

0 December 01 2017, 16:01 in History Essays
There have been many renditions of the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus through sculptures and paintings. One of the most popular "mother and child" art is the Virgin of Paris sculpture currently located at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. This specific artwork in marble is an example of…

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Apocalyptic and Eschatological Concepts and Beliefs in Modern Zionism

0 May 26 2017, 03:30 in History Essays
Zionism is the group Jewish people that continue to support the Jewish tradition, history, state, and religion of Israel. It is the central part of their life that shapes the largest part of their cultural influence. They want to re-establish and preserve their history that this country is the original…

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Essay on Impact of Vietnam War in the United States

0 September 13 2014, 09:46 in History Essays
In every war there are direct and indirect casualties. The direct casualties are the loss of lives and properties. When soldiers are sent to war many of them do not get the chance to come back home and celebrate with their families. Countless number of families are left without the head of the family.…

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Essay on The Great Depression

0 September 13 2014, 08:56 in History Essays
It was in the decade of the 1930s that the United States suffered the longest, deepest and most pervasive depression in the American History. It is in this period where the Great Depression which started in the United States spread to the other industrial countries causing a rapid decline in the production…

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Essay on Hernan Cortes

0 September 13 2014, 08:35 in History Essays
Altamirano who were both in the upper class of society. Cortes, who was the only son in the family, was rather very sickly as a young boy. He went to school at the University of Salamancaand studied law. He was however never happy studying law. As a result, he soon quit schooling and decided to become…

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Essay on Saddam Hussein's Violent Acts – Occupation of Kuwait

0 September 11 2014, 08:30 in History Essays
After ruling Iraq for several decades, Saddam Hussein, his sons and relatives have been found to have willfully and intentionally violated the human rights of Iraqi people and the people in other nations. They have not only operated mass graves, but they have also used torture chambers, chemical baths,…

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Essay on Reconstruction Policies

0 September 10 2014, 16:02 in History Essays
The Reconstruction era is known as the period in the history of the United States after the Civil War in which attempts were made to find a solution to the political, social and economic issues brought about by the readmission to the Union of the 11 Confederate states. One of the matters that should…

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