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Essay on Alcohol Dependence

0 September 13 2014, 08:25 in Alcohol Addiction Essays
One of the leading addictions in US, as well as in many countries is addiction by alcohol. There are many reasons why people get addicted to such beverage and these reasons fuel their need to drink at least one per day. We can never fully understand why people turn to Alcohol Dependence and actually…

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Essay on Alcohol's Impact on the Family

0 September 13 2014, 07:50 in Alcohol Addiction Essays
The most common cause of violence in the family is due to a member into alcohol. More and more cases related to violence in the family due to alcohol are being filed each year and is still on the rise. There are even cases filed that resulted to serious physical harm and some even resulted to death.…

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Essay on Treatment of Alcoholism

0 September 13 2014, 07:49 in Alcohol Addiction Essays
Alcoholism is a serious problem that everyone must be aware of. Alcoholism may lead to series of problems both health related and related to the society. For some, turning to alcohol is a way to relieve themselves of anxiety and stress but knowing these will also help those addicted to quit.

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Essay on Alcoholism and its Dangers

0 September 12 2014, 13:20 in Alcohol Addiction Essays
For it is said that your manhood can be measured by the number of bottles you have emptied, you bravely take those long, giant swigs of beer and tequila down to the bottom. Now you think you're man enough. After all your buddies have left the bar (or passed out eventually), you decided to go home…

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Essay on UK Government's Campaign against Alcoholism

0 September 08 2014, 13:55 in Alcohol Addiction Essays
Recently, in a news article entitled "Two Drink-Free Days a Week Needed, MPs' report says" the news article highlighted that drinking everyday can be bad for your health. The news article cited the case of Matt Maden an alcoholic who now needs a liver transplant.

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Persuasive Essay on Risks of Binge Drinking

0 September 07 2014, 14:17 in Alcohol Addiction Essays
Binge drinking refers to the act of drinking a lot of alcohol over a very short period of time. It happens when an individual takes in a certain quantity of alcohol beyond that which his body can handle leading to him being intoxicated. Though many individuals take binge drinking for granted, binge…

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Essay on Red Wine Debate – Drinking Alcohol is Harmful to Your Health

0 September 07 2014, 14:08 in Alcohol Addiction Essays
There is a prevailing opinion that red wine is good for a person's health. It is thought that moderate drinking can help lower the risk of having coronary heart disease. It may be true considering that red wide has compounds which are good for the body like the flavonoids and resveratrol, an antioxidant…

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