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Pasadena Community College Student Success Story

Do you remember the time in your life when you felt you could no longer carry on with your dreams? You may have thought that your dreams are not all worth the effort. You may have been tempted to just give up entirely on the idea of success.

In tough times, some think of giving up and considering themselves as failures while there are individuals who use the challenge as a motivation to succeed.

Meet Ryan Liu, a former student of Pasadena Community College who recently transferred to Yale. His mother escaped from Cambodia as refugee during the Khmer Roughe genocide. As a young student, he frequently balanced the time for school and work. When he first went to Pasadena Community College, he thought that he was being left behind compared to his classmates who went straight to four-year universities.

Yet, he remained undaunted. Ryan Liu is the epitome that hard work pays off. He also learned the success is possible even in community college. In fact, he considers this stage in his life as one of the more important events in his life.

He cherished the years he spent in the community college which shaped his character. He said, "Community college taught me to value each person’s unique story and showed me just how important an accessible education is. This environment where accessibility was valued more than selectivity ingrained in me a guiding philosophy that we do best when we work together instead of striving to succeed alone with no regard toward others. I learned not to judge anyone by their past or present conditions, but instead by the height of their ambition for the future.”

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