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Nursing Student Taking Master's Degree Gets Help from Essay Writers

Debra graduated from a Community College with an Associate in Nursing degree. She sought our help with her essays and research papers when she decided to pursue the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program at the University of San Francisco.

When she inquired with our customer support representatives, she informed us that she was having a hard time writing all the academic requirements for the program. She felt that the requirements of her work as a nurse is taking a toll on her heath that she wants somebody to do her papers for her. She thought that she needed to take a rest after performing her duties as a nurse.

We understand the difficulty faced by many professionals who take the extra effort to complete their Master’s degree while working full time. Completing higher education is an important goal which can change a person’s life forever. Pursuing higher education while working, however, can affect work-life balance. A Master’s degree can be demanding that can cause tremendous effect on an individual’s personal life and even cause a strain on his health.

What made her situation extra difficult is that she decided to take the MSN program in her 50s. She explained that she initially did not think that she will have any formal education beyond highs school. At the age of 40 years old, she decided to pursue her Associates in Nursing Degree and then made it her goal to get complete MSN program before she turns 50.

Our team communicated with her about the essays and research papers she has lined up for her class. She sent us a list of the academic papers that she will be working on for the entire semester. We were informed of the deadline for each paper. Since we saw all the papers in advance, we were able to prepare the papers in advance as well. Not all papers were perfect, though. For these papers that required revisions, she told us what went wrong and what to do to improve these papers. We immediately revised the papers to her satisfaction. The process was very smooth allowing Debra to focus more on her work and her personal life.

""Thank you so much ewritegigs for the extra hard work you did for me. The nursing papers were not easy but you were very patient and understanding with me. Those papers were great by the way,” she said. - Helping Students Succeed in Community College

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