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Community College in California

Students and parents dream of going straight to a four-year educational institute for their college education. However, there are several things one must consider when looking at a university education-tuition fees, whether the student is ready to "strike it out on his/her own,” and even living costs for the student as well as their parents or guardians. All of these concerns are valid on their own, but there is also another concern that can help in deciding whether to go straight or to take the "scenic route,” so to speak. Here are some of the benefits for considering getting into community college first before heading out to a university or even get a job right after.

Saving up for a university degree

One of the reasons why students opt for a community college education is the immense savings that the students and parents realize. Imagine the disparity that tuition costs for university and community college students and parents will incur. Almost all states help in subsidizing the costs for the operations of community colleges; these will result in lower tuition fees for the students. University students take the same courses and classes for the first two years of their academic "stay;” by opting to take the first two years of their college courses at a community college and then take up their major subjects at a university. By taking this route, students can realize significant savings.

Help transition into the "big leagues”

Given that community colleges are smaller in size, particularly in class sizes, students will have an easier time transitioning from a high school setting rather than jump in straight into a university setting. Why the need for a better transitioning system? Students may be ill-equipped to immediately keep up with the pace of the "big leagues” or the academic demands of university. Community colleges are a level higher than high school yet help students prepare better for university life.

Stay at home, get an education and be work ready in no time

Tuition fees are not the only things that students and their parents must consider; travel and lodging costs, food, and car maintenance-all of these items must be calculated if going to a university would be a good option than considering community colleges in the area. If the student has a car, parking fees are significantly lower at community colleges compared to universities. In addition, community colleges are often connected to some of the leading businesses in their field. This will help students to be familiar with the latest technological and business advances, allowing them to immediately apply with these companies immediately after graduation.

Enrolling in community colleges will not only help students and parents save up for possible opportunities to avail of a university education, it will also help students be better prepared when these will opt to pursue their university degrees. It is always good to have a number of options open when deciding on whether to pursue a university degree or just to stay near one’s home and basically get the same quality education sans the price and famous university name.

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