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Community College is the Easy Path Towards Higher Education

Are you a high school student who is still contemplating of the right major for you?

Many high school students who are about to graduate are still unsure about their major and the college or university they want to enroll it. With the high costs of tuition in many four-year universities, changing their minds and switching to a different major after 1 year or 2 years of education can be financially burdensome and costly. So, is there a better alternative for these undecided high school students?

For these undecided students who are still uncertain of their major, the community college is an excellent alternative.

It is common knowledge that community college is a cheaper alternative for those who want to get to college. It is also a good alternative for immigrants who are new to the United States considering the difficulty in the college application process. Many students who struggled in high school also prefer the community college because its more lenient in terms of the GPA requirement.

For students, however, who have the money, are not new in the United States and have above average GPA, does the community college pave a better path towards higher education?

According to Daniel Nannini from the Transfer Center Faculty at Santa Monica College, "Community college is your second chance at your first-choice institution.”

Higher education is very essential in today’s competitive employment environment. Many students from different parts of the world are going to the United States to obtain a college degree. Eventually, these students leave the university more equipped with the right tools to succeed in the real world.

For students who are still unsure of their major, the community college serves as a sensible option. In the community college, it is inexpensive for the student who decides to change majors. Because of its lower tuition rates, a student can make mistakes, change majors and gain some maturity in the process without hurting his pocket.

At the same time, community college is recognized for its hands-on instruction. Classes are smaller allowing the teachers to closely monitor the progress of the students. This is not present in four-year universities where the teachers usually conduct their lectures via a video screen.

For this reason, many students are taking the easier route towards a four-year university. In choosing community colleges, many of them are better prepared for higher education. It is also relatively easier to transfer to a four-year university from a community college since 2 out of 3 students from a community college who apply to the UC system are accepted. - the Essay Writing Partner of Community College Students

Success is therefore possible with the help of community college. If you are a student from a community college desiring to succeed, you need a partner who can help guide you with your academic essays and research papers. You need a team of experts who have been helping community college students succeed. You need - the essay writing partner of community college students.

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