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Best Practices in Writing Persuasive Essay

There are essays that ask the student to take a stand on a particular issue and persuade the audience to accept a point of view. In writing a persuasive essay, it is immaterial whether the writer’s position is unpopular. What is important is that he is able to convince the audience that his point of view is tenable.

The main goal in writing persuasive essay is to make your readers accept your point of view.

To be able to do this, you must be very accurate and reliable in stating facts and not mere rely personal opinions. Everyone has their own opinion to hold just like you do. Your job is to make them believe that yours is the most reasonable by carefully using authentic evidences.

Take a Stand

Before you start writing your essay with the purpose of convincing others, be sure you already have convinced yourself first. You know, it is very hard to make people believe on something that you don’t even believe yourself.

Write a Strong Introduction and Clear Thesis Statement

Just like thinking before speaking, the best step in writing persuasive essay is doing as much research as needed. This is to help you gather the facts and help you make up your mind. Jot down every fact that you think will have a great effect in making your arguments strong. Then, write down your thesis statement. The thesis statement includes your stand expressed in a very persuading manner. Once you have all these gathered, you can start writing your introduction.

The introduction should always be strong. Its main purpose is to get the readers’ attention and at the same time make them thirst to read more. You can start using an anecdote, quoting famous or controversial personalities, a hypothetical question, or a statement of an interesting fact. In writing persuasive essay, outstanding introductions are important for it saves as the façade of the paper; when it looks so inviting, people will read it to the end, or else, they might just dump your paper without even reading the main point.

Organize the Body Paragraphs

In writing persuasive essay, the body paragraphs should put into use the facts that you have jotted down. Open these facts one by one in a sequential manner, where every point leads to the next. This is to keep the reader interested because, admit it; you yourself won’t read a mismanaged and seemingly illogical paper. In this part, you are presenting your evidences so be precisely clear.

Summarize Points in the Conclusion

In the conclusion, reiterate the points that you mentioned and relate it to your stand. The conclusion should make an impact. It should linger in the minds of the reader and stir them to think and to act. Strongly restate your main statement to inculcate it in their mind and ultimately, make them believe that you are on the right side. It is always important to end the essay with a witty statement.

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