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Why Students Should Write Their Own Essays

I am an online entrepreneur. I manage several websites which offer services to students by writing custom essays and research papers for them. Currently, I have more than 20 writers who help me write essays for students who need my help.

As writers, we do not guarantee the grade the students will get for their essays and research papers. Though I make a living writing for these students, it is my opinion that students should write their own essays and research papers. For me, students are in a better position to get an "A” if only they will make an effort to take time and write their own essays.

The following are my reasons:

1. The students are the ones who go to class, listen to the professor’s lectures and know the professor’s instructions. Since they are the ones who attend the professor’s classes, the students know what the professors emphasize in class discussions. They also have the opportunity to listen to their professor’s inputs which they can state in their essay to prove that the student listens to the professor’s discussions in class. They understand what the professor’s want to be written on the paper. In contrast, though professional writers can deliver good essays, they do not actually know what takes place inside the class. They do not even know the syllabus of the professors.

2. The students are the ones who can talk to the professor and clarify instructions which may not be clear in the essay prompt. Professional essay writers can write good essays based on the essay prompts submitted to us when clients place their order. We do not have the opportunity clarify vague instructions or to ask for more information. However, the students who can contact the professor by email stand a better chance of getting an "A” because they can easily ask for clarification on the professors instructions.

3. The students are the ones who are in danger of failing if they fail to submit their essays and research papers. Though we make a promise to submit an essay or research paper on time and we make an effort to meet all our client’s deadlines, the reality is that we are getting paid to write essays.

4. The students need to hone their writing skills while they are in school. One reason why students are being asked to submit essays and research papers is to hone and improve their writing skills. This skill can only be learned and mastered through constant practice. When students pay for professional writers to write essays for them, they are denying themselves of the opportunity to learn.

eWritegigs.com delivers high quality essays and research papers but only for the primary purpose of serving as guide to students to assist them write their own papers. The essays and research papers should be used only for reference. Further, the services we provide are meant to assist the students by providing them guideline and the essays and research papers provided are intended to be used for research or study purposes only.