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Santa Monica College Student Follows her Heart and Succeeds in College

Success stories of people who overcame obstacles are inspiring to read. These stories focus on the lives of people who encountered challenges but were able to overcome them. They are inspiring because they show that no obstacle is big enough to prevent us from achieving our own dreams. If these people were able to succeed and achieve their dreams, then we can succeed as well.

Consider the story of Elizabeth "Liz” Cruz, a former student of Santa Monica College who was able to transfer to UCLA to complete her degree and then successfully complete a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of California in 2010.

The story of Liz Cruz is unlike any other college student. She was raised as one of five children by a single mother. When she was young her brother was shot but he survived the incident. When she was completing her major in UCLA, her sister committed suicide forcing her to put on hold her dreams of completing her education.

Liz Cruz is just one of the many students who have encountered roadblocks in her journey. What makes her different from an average college student is that she did not allow these roadblocks to derail her dreams. In fact, these trails made her more determined to move forward and accomplish her goal.

Just like Liz Cruz, we all encounter challenges in college. A member of the family gets sick and we have to take care of them. Some students are affected by the loss of family business forcing them to start looking for work. Some students have to deal with chronic illness while in college. We all have obstacles. These challenges affect each of us in different way.

Before we lose focus on college or decide to quit, we should all remember Liz Cruz. If she used the difficulties in her life as a motivation to complete her education, then we should use our own trials as our inspiration as well. - The Essay Writing Partner of Community College Student

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