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Challenges Facing Community College Students

Educators have stressed that community colleges help low-income students transfer to their first-choice university. Studies have stressed that community college students who are able to transfer to a four-year institutions are more like to get jobs and get higher pays.

In a study entitled "Breaking Down Walls: Increasing Access to Four-Year Colleges for High-Achieving Community College Students”, it found that only 12 percent of students who go to community college students with the goal of getting a bachelor’s degree are able to transfer to the four-year universities and complete the degree.

There are many reasons why community college students fail to move to a four-year institutions:

High Costs

The average yearly cost of going to four-year institutions is around $32,000 in private universities, $9,400 for state residents at public colleges, and $23,800 for out-of-state residents attending public universities per year inclusive of tuition and fees. For low-income students, these tuition rates can be excessive preventing them from transferring without scholarship grants.

Fortunately, there are foundations and institutions providing scholarships to high achieving low income community college students allowing them to transfer to a 4-year institution and complete their higher education.

Lack of Student Support

One of the many challenges for community college students is finding which university will credit the units they earned. There are many cases of students who earned a number of units only to find out that these units will not be credited by these four-year institutions. Without support, these students do not earn enough credits to transfer to these four-year universities. The situation is made more complicated by the fact that different universities have different requirements. Sometimes, different departments within the same universities have different requirements. Without adequate support, these community college students are at a loss.

Fortunately, many community colleges have counselor who help students sort through these credit requirements for their chosen universities. These advisors help the student carefully plan the units they will take so that they will be credited to these first-choice universities.

Language Proficiency

A substantial percentage of community college students are international students. They come from different countries like China and South Korea. For many of them, the language proficiency is below average. They can barely speak and write the English language. For these students, writing academic essays and research papers can be a barrier to higher education. Moreover, some of these students are not familiar with the basic rules of grammar and writing essays and research papers.

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