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The Impact of Money on Divorce and Marriage

0 November 25 2015, 06:28 in Divorce Essays

The Impact of Money on Marriage on Divorce: A Sociological Study

Divorce is a thorny issue in Sociology. Many studies have been made about the impact of divorce on the family and the growth and development of children. Some studies cite the negative impact of divorce on the family though some experts say that divorce could be beneficial for the children especially if the marriage has reached a point where the spouses are constantly bickering and fighting in front of their children. On the other hand, there are studies who say that divorce indicates that married couples have high expectations of marriage.

Despite the extensive studies on the impact of divorce on the family, not many studies have been made on the factors that lead some marriages to divorce. A review of the existing literature on divorce will reveal that there are limited studies that examine the characteristics of individuals as one of the factors that can affect the quality of marriage. Recent studies suggest that women who have achieved higher level of education and have a successful career are more likely to ask for divorce. This means that marriages with women who are contributing to household income are at higher risks for divorce.

Considering the pattern between women’s economic independence and divorce, it is essential to find out whether there is empirical evidence to prove that women who are educated and who work are more prone to getting divorce. Is there a scientific study that will establish that successful women who are financially independent from their husbands are more likely to ask for divorce?

The study is important because it is unfair for successful career women to be blamed for divorce. To say that the risks of divorce rises as women achieve economic independence is tantamount to blaming women for divorce. It implies that the idea of women working and earning is not beneficial for the family. The study is important as well because there are views that career women play a complementary role in the family that helps improve marital satisfaction and commitment. Some studies say that money should be serve as a hindrance to marriage.

On the other hand, it is essential to find out whether there are other factors associated with women’s economic independence that contributes to the divorce rates. It is possible that women who go up the career ladder have greater responsibility at work. These responsibilities which take so much of their time require their full attention that causes a strain on the marriage. Thus, economic independence should not be solely blamed for divorce.

Moreover, there are also studies that say that a better predictor of marital stability and divorce is marital satisfaction and commitment. This means that the married couples who are satisfied and committed are more likely to stay in marriage while those who are not satisfied and committed are more likely to obtain divorce. Thus, even if the woman is financially independent and successful at work, divorce will not take place if marital satisfaction and commitment is high.

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