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Descriptive Essay Topics

0 September 02 2014, 12:52 in Descriptive Essays

Descriptive Essay Topics

A good descriptive essay will give its readers a clear and deep experience of the story. In writing a descriptive essay, a writer must choose an idea that he is knowledgeable of. This is important so that you will not have a hard time in choosing the right words to describe your subject. Through this, words will just flow easily and you will be able to finish your descriptive essay in no time.

In choosing a descriptive essay idea, there is a wide range of subjects to choose from. You should keep in mind to choose a topic that you are familiar with, specifically a subject that is from your own experience. From there, you will be able to gather your thoughts, create a plan on how to make your article and finally be able to write something about your chosen topic.


You might want to write about…

A Person

Think of someone you know, someone close to you. This would actually simplify the task in describing that person. You may want to write about your grandfather. You can interview your grandmother or anyone in the family who knows him well. Or interview your grandfather himself so that you could get facts and information about him that you want to include in your descriptive essay.

You may want to write about a famous person. You can read books or search the internet about the person you want to write about. Search a picture or video clips about the person so that you could describe him/her fully. Describe his physical appearance, his role in the society, his characteristics and traits and how he will be remembered. Take for example Albert Einstein. You can describe what kind of person he is by reading his biography or any article about him.


An Object

A lot of writers say this is the easiest and most popular topic to discuss.In the internet, there are plenty of topics about a lot of things, but you should be careful not to copy what was written by others. You can read through it and get ideas, but use your own words in describing a particular object. You may want to write about your favourite gadget, flowers in the garden, a goldfish in an aquarium, a pizza, etc.

Another idea and much easier to write about is an object you personally have or is associated with. It might be the tree house in your backyard. Describe how you built it. How it looks like, and the memories you had with it.


A Place

Think of a place that is memorable to you. It would be better if you visit that place so that you can describe it in details or a picture will do. Think about the time you were in that place, how it looks, how you felt when you were there, and the memories you had when you were there. Use your creativity in describing so as to have your readers find themselves visiting that same place. You can talk about your trip to Europe, your neighbourhood, your school, an abandoned house you visited with your friends, or your bedroom.


An Experience

You can write about a certain experience that you want to share to the readers. This would be a good idea in writing a descriptive essay because you will be able to portray what you really felt during that experience and you could better describe your emotion. You may want to write about your family reunion last year, your camping trip, a scene at a concert, or the time you were heartbroken.


Lastly, you can write any topic you want as long as you are familiar with it so that you won’t have any difficulty in describing that particular person, object, place or experience. Always keep in mind to use your sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch in describing your subject. Be as creative as you can be and let the readers experience your world.

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